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Who and What is Mallorcuina?

“the perfect reason to stay in and enjoy an amazing dinner with family & friends

in the comfort of your villa”

About the Chefs

The Mallorcuina is a Private Chef Catering Service established in Mallorca. We are two brothers, Janko and Manu, with vast knowledge of gastronomy and a passion for local and fresh ingredients to create exquisite, traditional Mallorcan dishes. Mallorca is our home. It is where we grew up and we want to share with you the unique gastronomy this island has to offer.

"It's all from the island."

We cook with ingredients exclusively of the island. This guarantees that your food is made with the utmost freshness, flavor and tradition. We call it KM.0 Gastronomy, which simply means that your food travels zero kilometers. It's all from the island.

"Local. Fresh. Flavorful".

Our Philosophy

Our KM.0 approach to food adheres to the principles of the slow food movement, striving to preserve traditional cuisine while supporting local farms and businesses and offering you the best quality ingredients.

"Good. Clean. Fair."

-the slow food motto.

To learn more about what goes into our food, our recipes and special offers, please join our newsletter.

Our Services

We care about our food and we care about providing you with the best service.

Recreating a special dining experience in your home or holiday villa can be exciting and noble. We will work with you. Just send us an email or give us a call & we can start planning.

Here are examples of the following private chef & catering services we provide

with a personal touch:

  • holiday villa chef nights

  • weddings (casual to elaborate)

  • yoga retreats

  • birthday parties

  • healthy meals for seniors

  • vegan/vegetarian

The Service

  • We’ll do the shopping, always using local, fresh and mainly organic products.

  • We’ll prepare and cook the menu in your kitchen.

  • We’ll set the table(s) and serve you a traditional Mallorcan menu to your liking.

  • We’ll also do the cleaning up and leave your place the way we found it.

Please see our Menu options. Custom tailored menus are also available upon request.

We also offer special discounts for long term arrangements.

In the Mallorcuina Blog, you will discover many stories and information related to our island, it’s products, it’s cultural events, it’s secrets spots, and it’s unique gastronomy. Receive our newsletter and find out more about Mallorcuina & Mallorca and stay in the know!

Our next blog is about where we find the best local rice for our paella

Best Wishes,

Manu & Janko

The Marin Brothers

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