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Why You Should Book a Private Chef Service in Advance

We are offering two incentives for our clients who like to plan in advance.

Here's why you should take advantage of this offer, especially if you are already planning to visit Mallorca this year.

Reason # 1 - Use the Space

Most holiday villas in Mallorca boast state of the art kitchens, outfitted with the latest technology and most of all - Space! And plenty of it.

Why not get the most out of your holiday villa and get good use out of the kitchen with a private chef service?

Also, many of the holiday villas have great outdoor dining potential, outfitted with outdoor BBQ houses (casitas), illuminated pools and gardens, & of course - Space!

Imagine a having a beautiful night out on the terrace the with your guests with a cocktail service or tapas night.

Reason # 2 - Sorry, We're Fully Booked

Once you get the plane tickets, the holiday villa & car rental booked and get the big basics out of the way, it's easy to forget about cool opportunities that the island has to offer. One of those cool opportunities is planning a chef night at your hoilday villa.

We often think about these kinds of fun ideas once we arrive at our vacation getaway and then it's already to late. That's why we are giving you the idea now about our Valentine's Day Chef Special. So check it out!

Reason #3 - Long Term Service

This reason kind of combines reason 1 & 2. During the high season, we get booked up. We would love to be cooking and serving meals for you and your family for the whole week, but now we are only available for one night or two while your here on our beautiful island.

Also, the earlier you book your private chef night and/or event, the sooner you can start planning other parts of the scene. Guest lists, decorations, live music/dj . . . you get the idea ; )

Valentines Day Chef Specials

  • Receive a free chef night when you book a Week Long Private Chef Service

  • Receive a complimentary Wine Service when you book a Single Private Chef Service

Offer expires February 29, 2016

Kind Regards,

Manu & Janko

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