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Alcudia’s Fish Market

After a long and hard season, now it’s time to show you more things about this island.

Today we want to talk about Alcudia’s Fish Market (Llonja de Sant Pere) located in the heart of Port d’Alcudia. It’s a small place and they just open 3 days a week but its worth, if you have the chance, to visit it and buy some really really fresh fish.

After a whole day catching fishes and seafood in the Menorca’s cannel, “Barcas de Bou” (fisher boats) arrive around 5pm to the port. They unload their daily catch and bring it directly to the Fish market where it’s sold. Fresher impossible! Among their catches we can find: Red prawn, scampi, red scorpion fish, John Dory fish, red mullet, calamari, cuttlefish, octopus, crabs and lobsters.

If you have time on your next Mallorca visit, have a look at this place.


Carrer Moll de Pescadors, Port d’Alcudia

Tuesday, Thursday and Friday


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