Panada de sepia (english/ deutsch)

(Deutscher Text anschliessend) Cuttlefish Pie recipe It`s Eastern time and that means "Panades" time in Mallorca. Panades are tipical Mallorcan Pies. Although you can find them the whole year around in the bakeries and shops , it's during Eastern when families come together and bake them in their woodfire ovens. There are many different fillings: lamb, pork, sobrasada, peas or fish. We have prepared one with cuttlefisch and peas because they are seasonal right know. The foll

Why You Should Book a Private Chef Service in Advance

We are offering two incentives for our clients who like to plan in advance. It's called the Valentine's Day Chef Special. Here's why you should take advantage of this offer, especially if you are already planning to visit Mallorca this year. Reason # 1 - Use the Space Most holiday villas in Mallorca boast state of the art kitchens, outfitted with the latest technology and most of all - Space! And plenty of it. Why not get the most out of your holiday villa and get good use o

Mallorcuina Show Cooking: How to Cook a Slow Food Seafood Paella

This is the final article of a three part series on "How to prepare & cook a traditional Mallorcan Slow Food Paella." Today we invite you to one of our show cooking courses at Refugio Son Pons just outside of Campanet in Mallorca. In our video and in this blog, we will give you a step by step explanation of how we cook our signature slow food paella. We will also list the ingredients and give you some pointers on the technique. Step One: The Fish Broth For a traditional Mallo

Who and What is Mallorcuina?

“the perfect reason to stay in and enjoy an amazing dinner with family & friends in the comfort of your villa” About the Chefs The Mallorcuina is a Private Chef Catering Service established in Mallorca. We are two brothers, Janko and Manu, with vast knowledge of gastronomy and a passion for local and fresh ingredients to create exquisite, traditional Mallorcan dishes. Mallorca is our home. It is where we grew up and we want to share with you the unique gastronomy this island