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Why local ?

Hello friends. Today we want to talk about the reason why we use local products in our company.

First of all, the freshness. The closer your ingredients are produced the fresher they are, that is obvious. But this is not the only reason why we use local products. By buying local products your really have the chance to know what ends on your plate by getting to know the producer himself. That happens, for example, with Tony Gori our sugling pig provider. Tony's farms are in the south of Mallorca, we have visit their farms and have seen the way they feed, treat and handle their animals. We consume this meat ourselves at home.

The same happens with our fish and seafood providers. They are local fishermen from Alcudia. They sell their fish and seafood at "Sa Llonja de Sant Pere" located in Puerto Alcudia. If you are around you can also buy fresh fish from the bay there. We also eat this fish at home.

In Mallorcuina we care about what ends on our customers tables offering the same produce we consume at home with our family.

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