Why local ?

Hello friends. Today we want to talk about the reason why we use local products in our company. First of all, the freshness. The closer your ingredients are produced the fresher they are, that is obvious. But this is not the only reason why we use local products. By buying local products your really have the chance to know what ends on your plate by getting to know the producer himself. That happens, for example, with Tony Gori our sugling pig provider. Tony's farms are in th

Panada de sepia (english/ deutsch)

(Deutscher Text anschliessend) Cuttlefish Pie recipe It`s Eastern time and that means "Panades" time in Mallorca. Panades are tipical Mallorcan Pies. Although you can find them the whole year around in the bakeries and shops , it's during Eastern when families come together and bake them in their woodfire ovens. There are many different fillings: lamb, pork, sobrasada, peas or fish. We have prepared one with cuttlefisch and peas because they are seasonal right know. The foll

Hierbas Mallorquinas (english/deutsch)

English History of The "Hierbas Mallorquinas" The "Mallorcan hierbas" is an aniseed-flavored spirit obtained by extracting aromas from different plants from our island. It has its origin in the medicinal concoctions which the apothecaries prepared in the sixteenth century to combat epidemics. It is a digestive drink, taken after meals. They can be served cold, with ice or natural. They are delicious mixed with lemonade, orangeade or in our "mallorjito"(mallorcan mojito). Even