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Mallorcuina's Organic Veggie Garden

Today we want to talk about our organic veggie garden. It's a small piece of land outside Alcudia where we produce many different veggies for our families and for our menus.

We produce many types of tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, letucce, pumpkins, zucchini, onion, garlic, leek, strawberries, melons, watermelons and a huge variety of aromatic herbs. All our crops are free from chemical products and GMO seeds, using organic and ecological methods. We are doing it like that for many reasons: first of all to get healthy ingredients for our diet and our menus and secondly to protect our enviroment. As you know, we follow the Slow Food philosophy in our bussiness. This movement is not just of being aware what and where we buy our product, it's a lifestyle. We use local ancient seeds to avoid disappearance of species variaty, we produce our own compost using kitchen waste from our chef services to reduce garbage and we use water saving methods to water our garden.

All this organic gardening started many years ago when me ( Manu) did a break in my chef career to volunteer on an organic farm in Extremadura ( ). Here I learned how to get food working together with nature, using permaculture and biodnamic methods to obtain healthy veggies from your land. After that, while travelling through many countries like Australia and New zealand, I learned more and more about organic gardening. Since then it became a part of my life and now it's a part of our menus @ Mallorcuina, Private Chef Service in Mallorca.

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